23 comments on “Multiculturalism

  1. Had to read this about seven times just soaking in your craftsmanship working with words. The title is a subject close to my heart yet that matters not – the poem is sublime.


    • I feel quite privileged, blessed if you will, to live in such a vibrant multicultural society – yet I cannot deny that sometimes its stark divisions exasperate me


      • I agree – for all our problems over here there are parts of this land where, because it has evolved over a few generations it works very well. Just wish that was the case everywhere. My neighbours here are Muslim and you couldn’t wish for better folk.


  2. I love your poetry. But even if I hated your poetry I’d visit your site just to see the art work. You continually blow me away with the most incredible art work. And the way your able to match the artwork to the poem makes both so much stronger. I really enjoy your work tremendously.


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