40 comments on “Tears of Glass

  1. Very moving, Paul . . . One of my frequent fishing haunts is on the Colville Indian Reservation on the waters just above Chief Joseph Dam on the Columbia River . . . I recognized the taste of the dust in your words . . .


  2. Oh my, this is magnificent. Over the weekend I watched “When the Legends Die” (from Hal Borland’s book) a couple more times–the Native Americans’ stories are so full of glass tears.


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  4. magnificent exposé !

    Wish i could’ve written this because my heart still weeps at this tragic history.

    You are gifted and I salute you!


  5. With all the so-called “white guilt” going around it is a real shame that there is no national sense of shame for what was done to the original owners of this land. thanks for your poem. Reblogging.


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