17 comments on “Tractatus Logico Philosophicus

  1. Sublime use of the English language. Had to read it three times before I sought out the subject matter so as to absorb just the words. Let just say it was well worth the fourth read. Superb.


  2. Nevertheless, you gotta appreciate the lovely Harris Tween sports jacket . . . Sometimes people can just be to smart for their own good! I mean Wittengenstein, not you . . .


  3. Man, know what you mean. I’ve read that skinny irritating little book a number of times, Each time
    I’ll get a glimmer here and there of something profound, close it, put it down and and hour later say to myself, “You idiot! You stupe! You have no earthly idea what the hell he was talking about!” Maybe he was from outer space, a higher life form. Hahaha. Truly, I wonder if highly evolved mathematics cone heads even understand it. Somehow (strangely to me) he became cool. Maybe his contempt for everything preceding his arrival on the scene? His intellectual pride, haughtiness? Was it a pose, an act? I sometimes wonder. Somehow, eventually, just dropping his name made one cool, way smart (!) (wink.) Dunderhead that I am, I dumb enough to admit my own hopeless inadequacy with respect to his work. But then words and literature are my passion and racket. Things perceptible by the senses.

    You have my deepest respect for having the audacity and zeal necessary to write a poem on Wittgenstein. One day maybe I’ll ask you to explain him to me 🙂

    “Quarantined intellect!” You nailed it!


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