18 comments on “Neocon ad Reductio

  1. I saw a comment that said satire, but I wold say it´s a brilliant piece of poetry that it´s the TRUTH, unfortunately for now. Hopefully it turns around and Uncle Sam can be standing tall and other nations looking at him for solutions, not ignoring him, since that line “leading from behind” from Uncle Sam, it struck me as ….what does that mean? this person is contradicting himself in the same sentence but it sounds good though but not at all practical and more of a deception but well marketed well delivered.


      • I hop so, at the end of the day although the U.S is not perfect, but countries have always struggled to see who is the dominant force in our little planet and it´s not going to change weather we like it or not, it´s human nature. So I prefer that the U.S be the top dog than Russia or Iran.
        And don´t buy as an American that because the U.S pulled out of Iraq(sort off, look at the mess now for doing it to early and with no plan) and that apology tour from your current president saying that America will take a complete new course that people in Europe or in the Muslim countries for that matter will say “How great they are, now we love them, and the muslims won´t bomb us because we like the U.S” No, now that Europe sees a weak America, we are sort of left in limbo and we seek other alliances. And not ones that are friendly to the U.S, and Muslim Extremist are more powerful than ever. Recently they detained an ex-guantanamo prisoner(who was let go by your current administration) here in Spain, in my country. And this guy along with 8 others where charged of recruiting people and sending them to Syria for training and then to Iraq.

        A strong America, I believe in most aspects keeps a stable world. Not a perfect one, but certainly more stable than if you loose standing in world stage.


  2. Few words, but well written. The narrator shows picture of a wounded male soldier, but ending with “she” . Wonder what the feminists would say. Hegemony in a multi-lateral world is hard for the macho to stand erect. What the world expects from US is the power of his/her democracy, good governance, technological, and the arts and humanities.


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