14 comments on “American Archipelago

  1. At least your land is bonded together still which ever way the pendulum swings. We only have – in effect – for lands making up the UK and by September that may well be just the three!


  2. Two thoughts: Sarah Palin said she knows Russia well, since she woke up every morning looking across the water at Siberia!’ That’s about the way it is in tribal ghettos across the land . . . And second: capricious people prefer chaos over community since it represents an opportunity for illicit profit – sociologically and politically . . . Smear enough blue and red around and you’d think you’d get purple! But not so: black and white do not make for gray . . .

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  3. it’s the story of the street angel house devil, stuff we pretend not to notice, perhaps we need to remind ourselves more often, great set of words, blessings


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