27 comments on “Petrichor

  1. Nice! A lot going on here metaphysically… I liked that movement of “printing ever more / frustrating memories onto / the mind” – made me think of those new 3D Printers they may use in building AI’s… in my mind I see this grafting of memories into digisignals onto some strange creature… but of course all fantasy…

    You’re poem though has a totally differing meaning, more personal and as you say dessicating…


  2. Is there any manmade scent, perfume that comes anywhere close to this soothing and alluring earthy scent? Man is capable of duplicating nature, yet there are things that can be made only by Nature and Petrichor is one of them, naturally! Thanks a lot for the
    poetic post – an ode to the Petrichor, an educated way of appreciating Mother Nature!

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  3. Yet again you painted with words a picture so clear that I could experience it with all my senses! Absolutely brilliant! And I think the photograph you posted with it is almost as masterful as your writing

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