35 comments on “Shadowproof

  1. as the shadows we cast grow longer, they turn at the last into the stepping stones of grace by which we come ashore into reality . . .

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  2. cabrogal’s words are, in essence what I was thinking as I read this exceptional poem. Oddly the voice of a younger man was in my head as I read it – possibly the subliminal association with the young thinker.

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  3. Hauntingly evoking. With such profound simplicity, you epitomize one of the most pressing “bigger” questions of life: what for, my existence? I can praise this excellent work of art enough. Such masterful technique, oh and the ending?

    knowing whether
    to wait for
    the sun or
    confront my

    Toni Morrison said, in so many words, that the hallmark of a good writer is how they the familiarize the strange and mystify the familiar. The way in which you conclude this piece does not conclude but echoes into infinity as a beautiful, mystical, yet unanswered question to the universe. (There are mystic poet elements at work here.)

    Fabulous work and I thank you for sharing!

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