31 comments on “Under Archons

  1. I have no doubt it is due to the free-market run amok and the unlimited power of the corporations who now buy/sell the government as though it were their ‘stock’ . . .

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  2. We dissolve in their digesting juices oblivious, delighting in the seeming warmth, the lightness, the lifting of responsibility….
    “Let them rot” we mumble, whilst loosing our very own toes and fingers…

    Love the way your bile enriches towards the end with more complex sounds!

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  3. I think this ties in with your other poem today, just read, on family abandonment. This one makes me think of the fall of the Roman Empire – pacify the populace with placebos, guarantee their only concerns to be of venial, all power acceded to those who would take it and responsibility renounced by being nannied. Easier then to walk away from all responsibility – even that of family. When that can be done, the rest is a no-brainer. We reap what we sow and relinquish.
    I rail against unjust governance but I despair, at times, of people’s abrogation of responsibility for all manner of things. Rights and responsibility need redressing.
    A powerful poem, Paul. (I really need to stop alliterating!)

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  4. Scottishmomus is right, we are reaching that stage of the Roman Empire when they give us glitter to distract us. It is the beginning of the end….unless WE change.
    We stand in our truth by being silent…that truth is fear to speak, act in such a way that those that inflict this glitter realise that a point has been reached where their actions will no longer be tolerated. Always we need to change to effect change.
    Great post Paul. Mark

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