24 comments on “The Not-So-Good Old Days

  1. This side of the pond we claim the oldest of the modern democracies – we count it back to days before women got to vote. Count women in and that which we applaud is not even 100 years old.


  2. when i lived in wyoming i took women’s studies and sociology of families for some years…very enlightening, especially during that pivotal point of my psychological development-i wish they’d teach with more honesty in general studies. your writing here is a nice reflection, most feminist (i know) raise holy hell when men speak up and refuse to hear a masculine voice, so thank you. you’re a good father.


  3. sobering piece. Yes to all the advances. Sadly, the velvet glove has too often been tutored by the iron fist of privilege and misuse of power. We’re still on our way–indebted to women and men who fought tooth and nail to give us tools we desperately need. We honor them when we use the tools, and include in our vision all the women and men in this world we inhabit together. Your daughters are blessed to have a father with such vision.


  4. Well, unfortunately the old attitudes are often still hiding behind outward expressions of “enlightenment”–but we can hope for continued progress.


  5. I agree, just seems so stupid to me to have to stand up for our rights, for anyone to have to stand up for their rights, we are all the SAME!!!! Human beings….. thank you for this post, Michelle

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