18 comments on “Citizen

  1. I guess both here and where you are ‘the people’ do get their say at the polling station yet in a world where replacements are no better than what went before; where a number of the ‘voters’ are as devoid of ethics as the politicians there is little hope for a republic. Well that’s got me in a mood as evening draws in!

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  2. “The state without virtue” is the key phrase, I’m thinking–if we had a virtuous state, it would solve a lot of problems. But we can’t really legislate virtue….


  3. the thought here is quite provocative albeit well articulated but it is quite utopian to me.Maybe its because i am African and the corruption of the republic is a member our body has become adapted to, is there such a thing as a virtuous leader or even trying to ask for one?For me its always been about picking the lesser evil.
    I do apologize for bringing politics into poetry ,i really did enjoy this piece.

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