22 comments on “Rag and Bone Man

  1. ‘Any old raaaags!’ is the call I remember. My sister and I used to race home to get something, anything, to give so that we could get a balloon from him. Very much ahead of his time in the recycling stakes. That would have been the late 60’s for me and then he just disappeared. My husband also recollects a man who would play the violin in the back courts of the tenements when residents would open their windows and toss a coin to him. Apparently he had to be quick if my husband and pals were about! Toerags! They also used to hang about the banks of the Clyde where punters tossed coins in illegal gambling. They soon learned that if they shouted, ‘Polis!’ the punters would get off their marks and often leave a few pennies behind. Wee buggers. Now there’s a bit of entrepreneurship for you. Or criminal tendencies! Or maybe one and the same for some. What a lovely walk down memory lane, Paul. I feel about a hundred and forty now right enough. 🙂

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