49 comments on “Weaver

  1. I love Vincent, Paul, but have not seen this one before. Days of my youth when I painted more, myself. Love your poem. Something I had not thought of, myself. Poems on paintings! Nice thought. Do you write lots of poems? I seem to write more at the moment because I just write what comes to me, though often they are coloured by the seasons, or ideas of that ilk. I am not goibg to purloin your idea for public, but, it is a thought though.
    I hope you have had a gander at my latest offerings? If so, please comnent. They are not my only recent odes, but just a few.
    Of course, finding new subjects can be hard. I often wonder, am i talking to myself ? Does anyone read my musings? These capabilities if being abke to ‘follow’ people, gives pause for hope that you are being heard/read out there in the big old Universe.
    So I do thank you for following me, the more the merrier.
    I live in England so we are bridging the good old Atlantic here.


  2. Just mention that a couple of my favourite Vuncent’s are “Crows Ovr a Cornfield” and “The Potato Eaters”. There are others I like too but the old memory for titles is a bit on the slo side.


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