18 comments on “Resolution

  1. I must agree with Cheryl. There’s truth that punishes, rejects–and truth that opens doors to freedom and causes the soul to bloom in profusion.


  2. This and one or two other things – sermon at church and another blog – has really made me think. Today I admitted a dreadful anger truth, against someone who used an ironball against my propped up and several plaster layered wall. Wrote it down, came back and found resolution. Not sure if I can blog it yet, but hey God uses all sorts of things and places to get us there. I’ve got to get over the shock first. But what a relief.


  3. This is powerful, Paul… I can feel the anger in each word… too often, it is the first emotion that boils up in me… sometimes I wish it was peace and compassion first. Brilliant write!

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