26 comments on “Why the Cold

  1. How long did you live in the tropics? I’m sorry it was so awful for you. it was a life giving, comfortable welcoming community for me. I was taken to heart as family, treated as one who lived and worked there as normal, received great care when my son was born and made life long friends. It was the best life work balance I ever had even when hot 6 degrees off the equator, the laughter and fun even when had to deal with food and supplies on the black market, lack of electricity and gas, every one shared and helped out. Read Derek Walcott, Dabydeen, etc for poetry, How the West Under developed Africa Dr Walter Rodney for another historical and social perspective. The rice harvest developed specialised tractors for working in wet conditions and the technical college near my mother – in – law’s house was a world beating seat of learning. Hmm provoked again!!! Or did I read all wrong again?! 😉


    • I’m glad for your vibrant tropical experiences – they’re just not for me – heat debilitates me – I much prefer the cold and the snow – we northern types are quite sociable, too


  2. Nice descriptions, and I too prefer cool–we can put on more clothes, make (or imagine) the congenial fire, sip warm drinks; when/where it’s hot, the options are more limited and I get cranky.


      • Oh I do–much as I have a sentimental love for Hawaii, there’s no way I could be there for any length of time; same with Houston, TX where my dearest in the world cousin lives–she only has to tell me how hot it is, and I start to sweat. Our Seattle summers have been getting warmer each year, rendering me cranky caddo for a good 2 months anyway. That’s why the rain poems are practically orgasmic!

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  3. You sit in the shade, use a fan, slooooow right down and drink iced coconut water or freshly squeesed lime squash with beautiful fresh mangoes just in reach, then during the dark you listen to the crickets and frogs and talk and laugh and play scrabble. However walking home from school at 15:30 in the blazing sun with my umbrella and sweating buckets when cooking I did admit to thinking longingly of cold nights with cups of coffee and digestive biscuits… My trouble is I love both!


  4. I hardly know which lines I like best but these two – ‘Where ideas find no provident purchase’, ‘cool climate conducive to reason’ give the tenor of the poem for me. I love the sun but there is something quite debilitating about a heat that drains all ability and purpose. The manana syndrome! If you want something done ask someone who needs to keep moving to keep warm. 😉

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    • when all my contemporaries were retiring to the tropics of Florida or the desert of Arizona, we came north to snow country – never understood the attraction of sweating while doing absolutely nothing

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