37 comments on “Libretto

  1. It is in the performance that grace and glory are revealed: we go first to hear a Sutherland, next to listen to a Verdi, and only at last to consider a Piave . . . Like the lieder Schubert traded with the butcher for a sandwich . . . first the meat, then the cheese, and finally the bread . . .

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  2. I love Every Word. And I’ll probably get banned from comments, but I lost my virginity to opera (playing in the background)–don’t know what possessed me to tell you that tidbit….!


  3. Well stated. Music, poetry and life as we see it. The performance often overshadows the creation and development of the story, but other artists can see and feel the deeper passion witnessed if they watch the composer/poet from the sidelines and/or have been in their shoes. Beautiful piece!


  4. I think there is a symbiotic link between music and poetry… can one truly exist without the other? I’m inclined to think not. This is a beautiful piece of poesy Paul… your words always delight me! Now I want to listen to some Opera! Cheers!


  5. For some reason I have never been a huge fan of any opera except La Boheme. However, in my mind, music is poetry and poetry is music. Your words, even though they are regarding the silent poets behind the scenes, still ring true to my heart. I have a deep love of Baroque music in particular, and Classical music, in general, and when I hear Mozart, for example, my spirit may weep at the sorrow expressed in his notes, or soar as a clarinet takes the melody over from an oboe in a bridge built of notes. Lose one note and the bridge falls, add one note, and perfection is destroyed.

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      • I have listened to the operas of Mozart and Bach, and even though these are two of my favorite composers, their operas never really got me going. La Boheme is a tragic love story as so many are and I love the music and the words just seem organic when paired with it. The whole thing is like a living, breathing being. It is lovely…

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  6. From the music rises spirit,
    From the words the heart,
    Performance bringing trinity

    Perhaps it matters less who receives the credit as long as there is movement in the whole. Although, if I were the poet and the composer was getting all the kudos I’d probably be miffed!

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