18 comments on “Pumpkins

  1. Great and clever poem that this piece is – a horrible thing I find pumpkin pie to be. An American lady once made it for me and – even accepting the fact that I don’t eat anything with a face – couldn’t get the taste for it.

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  2. like the transition from the pumpkins to the more abstract stuff—barely perceptible…very cool…very much enjoy reading your poetry which I continue to follow, and thanks for reading mine

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  3. So–is there a reason you’re currently in Autumn?? I may be fretting too much into it. And perhaps you’d prefer Pumpkin Bread? Depending on whether it’s the texture or flavor of pumpkin you dislike.

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      • Depending on how you feel about spices–cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger–you might like the pumpkin bread; it also has nuts, raisins and choc chips if you like–so other than the pumpkin color, I don’t think you’d notice flavor of pumpkin.

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