34 comments on “Alienation

  1. What Paul meant when he said “We are in the world but not of it” is becoming painfully evident. The truth of the old hymn is apparent now “This world is not my home!” Perhaps in some ways that is a good thing. We have less and less to distract us from the pursuit of that kingdom!


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  3. “seeking to freshen the air to enlighten the dark modern motive
    with new suasion of old timeless truths” One person, one heart, one thought at a time – until combined, enlightenment is the only reality.


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  5. I like conservative–the deluded new dogmas have twisted the meaning, as though we on the right are not “thinkers” with hearts of compassion, etc. etc. etc.


  6. This is so f—ing perfect! I decided some time ago that I cannot change the world and all the crap in it but I can change my perspective and can turn inward but not ignore the plight of my fellow man. and again, I can’t save the world but I can grow food and donate it to a local food pantry and I can help those people who need help who live a close physical distance from me, my neighbors and local community so to keep my sanity in this crazy world, that is what I do. If everyone took care of themselves and their neighbors, the whole world would eventually take care of its self, centuries from now maybe but wouldn’t that be something! My morals, truth and ideals will never be consumed by the crap and greed in this world, there are far too many good and kind souls still here to let that happen! I feel a ground swelling of truth and awakening happening all around me, it is so beautiful and strong and grows stronger everyday! Thank you for your postings, you are an amazing writer!

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