35 comments on “Tin Crowns

  1. Intricate imagery. Does “silent ambivalence” suggest the brief pause we use to honour heroes? A moment that is often practiced with complacency… This sets up a dramatic contrast within the piece. I enjoyed reading.


  2. man this is spot on. the celebrities and ceo’s we idolize are actually quite destructive to our society at times


  3. Well-spoken truth. My cynical side comes out when I hear that a celeb has made some magnanimous gesture–probably isn’t fair, smacks of “judgment”, but I usually think they’re doing it to get a tax write-off. Real heroes don’t advertise, and usually just want to be left alone; celebs complain that they want privacy–and then they do ridiculous things to get back in the spotlight, news. Can you tell that my pain has me irritable today?


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