37 comments on “Did You Miss Me?

  1. Oh my goodness, Paul! I had no idea my fretting encompassed so much–bad enough to be stranded without power, cut off from your internet buds, but to be sick as well–aaarrrrgggghhhh. I am SO sorry to hear this, praying you make a quick recovery–which it would seem you’re in process of doing, since you’re opining a political basis for the catastrophe…..yes, I’d agree that accidental privilege is generally temporary. But to answer your question–YES, I missed you! I had to multi-task: fretting and cooking…..I’m exhausted, but now so relieved to know you’re still with us!


  2. Sorry to hear about that and plainly glad a semblance of order has been restored. For our part Shirley and I having been taking morning coffee outside our cafe of choice, reading the newspapers in winter sunshine, no wind and about 12 degrees centigrade – not even had the thermal vest out this year! Even saw the Russian Navy pass through the English Channel and noted seamen in shirtsleeves no less! Just thought you’d like to know! Apologies in advance for these cruel words!


    • ha ha – glad to know the winter is thus far being kind to you – as for short sleeves, that is precisely how my grandsons were attired while shoveling the snow from my walkways – hardy lads, even if a bit crazy

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  3. I just figured you were ‘gone’; but then I thought – I bet St Paul will even send us daily posey from beyond! I’m counting on it . . .


  4. Sorry to hear that. Hope you’re feeling better. As for the turkey, you can eat that any time, same goes for the giving of thanks. Happy Thanksgiving today, tomorrow and everyday 🙂


  5. I figured you’d gone to celebrate Thanksgiving with family. And here you are buried in a picture that looks beautiful but obviously wreaks havoc with ordinary life. A true thanksgiving that all is restored. I hope your bug has departed and you’re enjoying the holiday season now with family and very useful, as well as hardy, grandsons by the sounds of it. 🙂
    It is lovely to read such a personal post from you giving a little insight into your other world.
    Stay well and blessings on you and yours.x


  6. Thank God you guys are okay! You may want to invest in a portable generator just to be on the safe side. Let’s hope Christmas is less eventful and good health reigns for both of you!


  7. Hope you are okay now. Actually thought of you Thanksgiving day and wondered if you wrote even on a holiday. Sorry you were sick. And to loose power, too. Not fun!! My husband’s sister is also in NH and lost power. We had about 12 inches but didn’t loose power despite it being heavy wet snow. Glad you’re back! Take good care! Ellen


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