26 comments on “Episteme

  1. A powerful piece structured with sublime words most of which I can do nothing other than agree with. It’s just that as an old atheist who does not rely upon science to prove his case – how squalid were it so – I merely follow an instinct rather than (subjectively I know) a legend perceived as history. Notwithstanding your delivery of what I shamefully have almost turned into a debate is yet another pure gemstone. Bravo!


  2. One of my friends shared this status:

    “The infinite occurrence of universe cannot be fathomed by finite human mind.” -krishna
    So chill. 😀

    Fits very well here


  3. Yes. The whole body has the eyes but we as an identity “think that we see”. Beyond our reality is God or creation. I think it is useful and important to consider the whole being who projects our reality, including our sense of seeing and thinking. Our reality is an integral part of him or her, including our sense of separateness and independence from what we experience. The whole self is alive in creation, present in the present, in and of reality. We as an identity and our reality exist, they are actuality, as projected parts of the whole body.


  4. Yesterday I was on a surgeon’s table while he opened my spine and delved into the mystery of my mechanics of which I really understand very little. All I know is that when I woke up I was without pain and the surgeon who understands exactly what was done simply said ‘You’re gong to be fine!’ I can live with that . . . The mystery of it, if you now what I mean . . . Thanks for another fine fine poem . . .


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