29 comments on “Burnt Offerings

  1. I like this. It evokes intense morose sentiment with few words packed with power, like a firecracker. I hope you are doing ok, though I know we poets often do our best work with Lady Sorrow as our consistent muse. If you are roughing it Paul, I wish you much creative fruit in making the most of it.


  2. The nostalgic evocation of a life lived and the memories attached to it and how death reduces it to “flickering portraits blurred” and “paltry reminders” is so sadly true of the human circumstance. However “thin” the scents are, I am of the conviction that a life well spent, touching the lives of others around will linger on. I have personally experienced this. My beloved friend left us at a tender age of 28 but her memories linger on like the scent of flowers in spring.

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  3. I dare say you sell yourself quite short, though humility is a most lovely virtue. This poem is indescribably beautiful, one of your 5-Star WOW excellent ones–I love it; and what a gorgeous painting accompanies.

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