18 comments on “Caporegime

  1. Great poem. While I’m not Italian, I sympathize with you on this issue. I do enjoy a bit of mafia and crime history and I sometimes incorporate such characters into my own writing, but the impact these individuals have on society is always negative. Therefore they should never be glorified. I wrote my own story about Al Capone if you’re inclined to check it out. I hope I got the right messag across. http://jackl0073.wordpress.com/2014/12/17/a-bootleggers-generosity-a-christmas-story/


  2. Wow, Paul. You don’t aim and miss. I read this out to my husband ( not a poetry lover!) and another wow from him (which is more than I get!) A wonderful analysis. Take comfort in knowing that corruption crosses all national boundaries. Poor comfort now that I think about it…


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