36 comments on “Encouragement

  1. Now if my old cricket coach delivered that as a pre-match speech we might just have won a few more games. That aside, a rather superb poem of immense power and fist on the table passion.


  2. I feel it! Just love enthusiasm and positivity.
    Merry Christmas to you and yours, Paul. Looking forward to a new year full of vibrant poems and energy unleashed. ‘Lightning bolts to quiver’, glorious image.


      • Your poem spoke to me. I have to get out of this bed. Too many months lying here broken.

        The pain is the pain. Time to walk into it. Though the middle and out the other side. The bed is making my back hurt and my muscles get too stiff.

        Your poem came to me at a good time to remind me that I cannot stay in this bed forever. People break you and they don’t stick around to see their wreckage.

        Screw those insidios, malicious people. Time to get out of this god forsaken bed before I never do.

        All my love to you. The poets always know the pain and have the right words.

        Annie ❤

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          • ❤
            Your heart is good. Sensitive, intelligent, abstract people get beat up by the predators in the world.

            My guess, and some research I have done says that the emotional / mental damages we incur lead to suffering and deterioration in our bodies also.

            There is no easy answer. Some emotional / mental damage is very hard to just shake off.

            One of the King Arthur movies had Merlin say… " The problem is that life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards. ".

            More and more I see that to be true. And so we must carry our emotional damage and do our best to be kind to others. That is all there is to do.

            Feel free to talk to me on my blog anytime.


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