30 comments on “A Time to Every Purpose

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    To many Christians, Christmas is just another opportunity to talk about the resurrection and God’s forgiveness. I like the way he puts it in this poem, that Christmas is a time to focus on hope and healing. God does so much more for us besides forgiveness. It’s not just about sin. Think about the miracle of creation. Think about how God watches over us, protects us, guides us, loves us, heals us. He is our perfect companion. He is our friend. He is our father, in every sense of that word. And look at all Jesus taught us. Don’t just focus on the end of his life. Focus on his entire life. He did so much more than die. He lived! And what a miraculous life it was. A perfect life. A life of love. And it all began with his birth.


  2. Thank you, Paul! The best Christmas greeting I received this year! Consider yourself an angel`messenger . . . Hosannah in the Highest!


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    Well, you all know what a big fan I am of Paul and his finely crafted (oft-times over my head) poetry–so here’s a beautiful piece to extend our celebration of Christmas. And a side note: today is Paul’s birthday! So let’s all linger at the table of God’s Friendship, and send up a prayer of blessing for our poet-friend. Thank you, Paul, for being among us–and bringing your gift of stellar wordscapes to share! God bless you BIG!


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