53 comments on “Dear Readers

  1. Wow amazing.
    I started blogging a few days ago and when I see people like you getting so happy, I feel really good that I made the right choice of starting my own blog.

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  2. Paul, your provocative verses have been and continue to be an inspiration I look forward to every day! Thank you for reaching up & out from ‘the deeps’ to bring us tears and laughter, and sometimes just the opportunity to shake our heads in bewilderment . . . You are a gift of grace! Congratulations and Blessings . . .

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  3. Something to ponder, Paul, as you write your poetry if you don’t have a lot of people following your blog it’s not down to bad rhymes. The fact that so many of us find your blog inspirational and fun must tell you how much joy your words are spreading. Keep up the blog, you deserve the following you have and I look forward to many more words from you.

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  4. You are a writer I admire for your wordiness though I must confess sometimes I find your work overwhelming. However, I am always delighted to have your attention to my poems and I am grateful that you follow my blog.

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