40 comments on “Fifty Shades

  1. I certainly agree with you that the kind of twisted dominance and submission that poorly written book celebrates is nothing to aspire to or even be tempted by. However, there are more respectful, kind and loving modes of dominance or, as we prefer to call it, control and compliance, that are sustainable and healthy. In other words, please don’t accept that distorted view as the truth.

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  2. excellent write.

    i didnt read the book but hope to go see the film soon.

    wont voice an opinion on either but i could/did appreciate the message of your poem.

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  3. prude – so full of negative connotation – it always amazed me that someone could live their whole life in love with someone, never expose themselves to a plethora of drug resistant bacteria and be called one.

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  4. I am no prude,
    And no stranger to pain
    But in intimate settings
    Time and again
    A faithful partner
    Who knows all your likes
    And then pain you endure
    From just living your life
    Can change pain to pleasure
    With a simple caress
    And to me, at least
    That’s the essence of sex.

    – siouxsie 2/24/2015

    That being said, I think that true sadists are a little scary.
    And your poem is great, as always!

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  5. I tried to read the books
    I really just couldn’t.
    A poorly written story.
    A morbid type of sex.
    Only those who haven’t experienced.
    That type of violation.
    Are those who think its sexy.
    Because they have no clue.
    I couldn’t make it through the first book.
    I didn’t bother with the movie.
    It was a mindless piece of nothing.
    Making woman feel like a mess.
    I doubt its generational.
    Because I myself an still young.

    I saw a meme on another feed the other day. Since, a lot of woman say its romantic because he’s a billionaire, but if he had live is a ghetto trailer it would be an episode of criminal minds. I honestly though raw passion was the best kind of naughty.

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  6. I share your sentiments and your poem certainly expresses it better than I ever could. Very well said! Grey – neither here nor there isn’t anywhere. Neither right nor wrong makes the conscience lazy. The middle – what a horribly enclosed space to be! Only those who truly know passion and understand the art of soul-touching intimacy sees the entire spectrum of colours, I suppose. How lucky we are!

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  8. Interesting comment on pain in its pure physical form. I agree it is all you say and affects one’s view of life. It’s the things pain pushes us humans into that can be damning or redeeming. I haven’t read any of the Shades of Gray books or seen the movie so my comment is apart from them.

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