34 comments on “Ordinary Saints

  1. So very touched by this – in general and personally. So very much relate to this, also in general and personally. As always, which I have missed dearly, your words speak to my essence, not my ears. I’ve missed you Paul and hope all has been well. It’s been quite a long time, and quite a long journey for me, which is why this specific post/poem/writing spoke to me so much … but I do believe, though unlike times of old, that I have now found a new way of expression that will help me past my extremely long writers block. So much to read, so much to reconnect with … one step at a time. 🙂 Much love sent out to you. Kimberly

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    • and your beautiful comment likewise touches me – I look forward to reading your new work and listening to your new “voice” – as an aside, my firstborn, the mother of 3 of my 11 grandchildren, is also named Kimberly

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