28 comments on “Immigrant

  1. The city soul escapes concrete for forest – songwriters throughout time have tried to make a lyric work in this regard. Joni I believe got closest. Notwithstanding the reflective nature of this poem outdoes the lot. Brilliant.

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  2. I cannot live too long in between a concrete-jungle. I must go up to the hills of forest or the mountains where the river flow. Nature is ours to hold and from nature is where lessons of Life started … 🙂

    Excellent poem!

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  3. Brings back rich memories of when winters were winters here on the west coast; now we just move from a late fall into an early spring! Didn’t snow once this year! Global Warming for sure . . .

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  4. ‘Spring hired some heralds’. What an exceptional opening line. And then what follows – a vision in words. Just beautiful, Paul. And, despite your 7+ feet of snow, I can hear the drips from here. It sounds like a glorious place to be in the splendour of all its seasons. Thank you for a wonderful glimpse.

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