17 comments on “The Hermitage

  1. Excellent. Uncanny, I have a list of words and lines that I jot down when my brain screams the need to write poetry but I am busy – I sometimes misplace these jotters… I found one this morning in my summer jacket and ‘Hermitage’ was on the first page, I was mulling it over when you appeared and I came to this page. I hope all is well with you, sir. Best wishes from baldy

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  2. Well that’s the history of Russia sorted at a stroke of you pen – a history that fascinates me no end. You have done it justice – even accounting for the injustice in their society over the centuries. Sublime.

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  3. This is packed with thought…sometimes I wonder how a person can live with him/herself…how they feel justified to live in a palace when so many go without a roof over their heads…the suffering is great upon this Earth and in a large part due to narcissistic creatures and greed. And out of such suffering, Russia has delivered great writers and poets…artists and musicians…great strength…Wonderful writing, Paul!

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