26 comments on “Wounded Warriors

  1. Dear Paul, I like this poem very much, but I would change one word. I made it a habit a long time ago that whenever I knew I was in earshot of a vet, I’d say, “thank you!” Then, this was changed to include, walking up to them, say, “thank you,” and shake their hand. Now I try and find a way to not just “tell them you (I) care,” but “SHOW them you (I) care!” I can Paul, say thank you, and you can call this online extension of my right hand to you. How may I SHOW you that I care? (wounded warriors is one of only two charities I give to). D.

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  2. Thank you for your poem and the conversation arising. The Wounded Warrior Project is important for me to remember. I’m glad there is a way to say thank you with muscle.


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