27 comments on “Questions

  1. Another poignant one, Paul. I do personally find it a difficult concept to swallow. Especially because in both Canada and the U.S., you will be fined in thousands of dollars and face possible jail time for killing a eagle egg, however, the government covers the cost of a woman to abort a human egg. I have wept over the loss of life, the state of our culture. It certainly is sad. Thanks for bravely posting these questions.

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  2. Powerful questions, my friend, powerful . . . Black and white questions that will only find gray answers in this fallen world . . .

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  3. Is now and always was cheapened thus I reckon. That we reflect and notice said reflection over the passage of time is to the credit of those, like you who have learned the lessons of life and/or those few of us who have lived ethical lives – a splendidly thought provoking poem

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  4. Our culture is reaping the seeds of this neglect. A generation aborted is not there to support us in our old age and the rest neglected in relative truth have forgotten what it means to esteem those who have gone before.

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  5. “Droves of indifference” is especially stellar. I don’t know the answer to the questions–just that there’s a story behind every seeming act of indifference. Trying not to judge today…

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  6. These are difficult questions to answer Paul. My heart is heavy reading this, I knew it would be. The bear in the picture is sad, I am too. I pray for change and understanding. Peace. Excellent post.

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