35 comments on “Spring Concert

  1. I happened to be cycling along the Hebron trail in Wisconsin one early morning when the frogs calling and the redwinged black birds trilling presented such a melody – it truly was music.


  2. Blown away…when I started blogging all I wrote were semi-humourous skits sometimes satirical…I kicked off the poetry because I read your poetry (notwithstanding I have always read a lot of the same) and it inspired a desire to ‘have a go’. That I will never reach your high standards concerns me not for I would not have written any were it not for reading yours…and this one is something else.

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  3. Reblogged this on thesewordsiwrite2012 and commented:
    Admittedly, I don’t get a chance to read Paul F. Lenzi’s work as much as I used to because of my workload. However, anyone who has read his writing knows he is quite gifted with words.

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