6 comments on “Schism

  1. First, thanks for stopping by and Liking “Love Becoming”. So nice to meet you over my second cup of coffee this morning! Relatively new to blogging (since March) and also to writing poetry (since Feb), what I like most about this “blogging world” is the Return Policy. As in I find your Like which allows me to discover your site, get to know you, sometimes read some really good poetry or see amazing paintings or photos — meet people across the globe and be stimulated by others who find the power of the word, photos, art, intoxicating! If you look at my About, you’ll see I’m in the rejuvenatement period of my life, like you. (never say “retirement” to me). Someone once suggested I start a Rejuvenators Movement — you’d be perfect to join if there were such a thing! So, I’m meandering your site — enjoying so much of it. This haiku made me chuckle out loud. Not sure if that’s a response you want — bit it is a response and one of pure enjoyment. So few words, so many sentiments! Will meander a bit more now…..you may see me holding onto my hat in a few more places 🙂 Hope you’ll join me again!

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