19 comments on “La Pucelle

  1. “all of the stoical faith of her young nineteen years” which is why she still had faith, she hadn’t been corrupted yet by cynicism and was young enough to still believe in good. with age, comes much loss!
    great poem, and love the line “Keeping her memory loved”. 🙂

    (oh and ps… the first line, “Conversations with God”, have you read or watched the videos by the guy who wrote the book? Neale Walsch? very interesting stuff.)

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  2. Wow, this is wonderful. I can’t even imagine having her young fervor, so admirable. Whether her cause (or mine) prevail is not as important as that she (and I) listened to God and obeyed His call on her life. In the final glow of life, He is the only One we have to answer to, and please–much as we may hope for accolades from others while alive, or posthumously. Well done write, as always.

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  3. I’ve always loved learning of the lives of saints – weaned on them, I suppose. But beyond the Catholic association I’m entranced by the courage in adversity, the character they reveal in adherence to their principles. I do trust there are many saintly still among us who, while they might never be put to the stake, endure against odds for the sake of something greater than self. Fine work, Paul, as always.

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