12 comments on “Conservative Lament

  1. That the focus these days is toward technological ‘things’ and through that a degree of tedious yet arguably important to some, problem solving has – I think – taken from the new generations the sheer joy of philosophizing upon the nature of ‘problems’ perceived or otherwise.

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  2. I don’t pretend to be smart enough to understand what you are exactly talking about in this rather astute poem. But I kind of feel it is kind of about how it used to be that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge and how we have really gotten away from that. You tell me what you are trying to get across in more plain words if you can not that I think it is some great mystery. I feel like you are kind of talking about all the relativism in colleges and modern thought which has lead us into a moral quagmire and has lead us away from true reason. I know I have fallen away from the Lord. I am trying to get back but I have schizophrenia which makes it difficult. Ta.

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  3. I always think we miss so much when we don’t build on what we know from accumulated knowledge and understanding. Frustrating in the extreme to think we’re always starting from the get-go. New ideas and methods are always worth looking at and incorporating into established tried and tested. It happens all the time in education. ‘Lets try it this way. Or that way.’ Most of the time it’s the same things rehashed, given a different acronym and presented as new but without reference to the past – as if it had all just been invented! So many wonderful minds who have gone before and on whose sound practice much more could be built. You’ve got me at it now! I do like new ideas, embrace change gladly but I hate waste and change just for the sake of it. I might be away on a hal’penny hurl here but that’s my gist of it. 🙂

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