26 comments on “Merits of Madness

  1. Oh, man. Hard stuff, this. But such a rich example of celebrating hard things; that they’re not without their own inherent blessing, if we have eyes to see it. Thank you for the reminder. Here’s to madness; and the embracing of it towards better things! May we all remember better in darker moments that it is not all there is.

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  2. Thoughtful reflection: Yes, genius is usually accompanied by some curious peculiarities . . . This from one who observes as part of the unafflicted dull masses . . .

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  4. great write!

    most of the mad people in my life arent contributing genius work, i am sad to say…but just driving the rest of us into madness. 🙂

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    If you are not familiar with Paul Lenzi’s work, you’re missing out on something special–writing that is stellar and unforgettable. Here’s a taste. Thank you, Paul–best wishes, prayers, and love to you always. LB/Caddo

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