29 comments on “No Words

  1. This really hit me. The Charleston Shooting is one of many recent cases of ethnic violence. And to think that Dylann Roof did so in church just sickens me even more.

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    This is not an attack against faith, it is ethnic violence. Dylann Roof has killed nine men in church, a blatant act of terrorism, and yet he was given a bulletproof vest and wasn’t handcuffed upon arrest. Eric Garner was a man who was put on a chokehold by American cops just because he sold cigarettes. The contrast between these treatments begs the question: where is the justice in the system? Racism is real. White supremacy and white privilege is real. #StayWoke

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  3. Well said, Paul . . . In the moment it is human to feel your rage in the face of racist hatred that respects no sanctuary. With time we need to realize that such hatred is institutionalized in this land and reflects not just the pathological thinking of an individual but of an entire segment of our society, though they would hesitate to articulate it . . . The perpetrator of this heinous act is not alone. Executing him will not eliminate him. He lives in the hearts of countless admirers in this land who applaud his evil actions. How will we eliminate them?

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  4. I’m sure many share your strong emotions; there is no defense whatsoever for the vile and beastly. A “poor Christian”? I doubt it–just imagine what our Lord feels, observing all this horror.

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