25 comments on “Submariner

  1. Yes, somehow we do find or “sink” to that place beneath it all… knowing our art depends (although, often in defense of ourselves) on others.
    ” Once the terrible freedom is acknowledged, man has to make this meaning himself, has to commit himself to a role in this world, has to commit his freedom. And this attempt to make oneself is futile without the “solidarity” of others.” Jean-Paul Satre

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  2. As much as I appreciate the appreciation of others, I know their interpretation of my words will follow their own thoughts and perceptions. Maybe it has to do with my emotional attachment to a particular poem, but at times I think, “Oh well, at least I know what I meant.” Other times, I recognize the unexpected insight their observations, even their own interpretation, can provide. So, even though I write for my own satisfaction, I always remain open.

    As usual, your chosen image fits perfectly with a well written piece.

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