88 comments on “New Book Published – Small Noise

  1. aww that’s great Paul! I’ll tip my wine to ya tonight! are they on kindle or amazon?? I would love to check them out… didn’t know about the first 10. 🙂

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  2. Many congratulations, Paul! I had to check if it was available on Amazon UK. It is but I’ll contact you directly as I’d love a signed copy. Not quite sure how that will work but I trust you’ve thought of that. 🙂 So chuffed for you. You deserve wide recognition.x

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  3. Reblogged this on Baldypoems and commented:
    Want to get your hands on one of the most talented poets ever? Tough, but you can get his book, check this out.
    Paul F. Lenzi (and I am certain the ‘F’ stands fabulous or freaking amazing) is a master of the craft, a pillar of the writing community and one of the few people who can genuinely move me to tears with a poem. Ladies and gentlemen, please treat yourself:

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