9 comments on “Barrow

  1. I just found out the other day that my husband scrapped an old-fashioned clothes ringer found in our cellar. It had lain outside from when he’d found it and it took me back to days spent helping my mum hand wash and I’d be allowed to turn the mangle’s handle. I wasn’t going to do anything with it but I enjoyed its presence outside the cellar door. I’m raging with him. Tidying up the garden has its demerits. He has accumulated a few by this one action. He didn’t know I was attached to it was his reasoning. Bah! Not that I don’t appreciate him keeping the garden in order but I mean to say! :/ He doesn’t throw away his old wheelbarrows but turns them into something else to enjoy their rest. Might turn him into a plant pot when the time’s ripe!

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      • I learned that after I threw out a pair of ‘loons’, the most ridiculous looking enormously flared trousers imaginable. But sentimentally reminiscent of his hippy days. I’m afraid the wringer must have been seen as neutral territory. I should have said I was attached to it. Or maybe he secretly knew and was extracting revenge for the loons disposal 28 years ago. 😉

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