13 comments on “Chitarra Romana

  1. One of my earliest introductions to the world of operatic singers was watching Hollywood movies featuring Mario Lanza, on a Saturday afternoon with my dad. He was constantly surreptitiously wiping stray tears before he thought I would see them. It let me see a side of my dad that was different from the firm father, a glimpse into the heart and soul, elicited through the sweetness of someone’s voice and music. Your words and the song remind me today of those times. You’re fairly tugging my memories today, Paul and I was, a little earlier, working on a poem about memories. I need to revisit, I think, in light of what I have been reading here, so elegantly captured in all your words, and now by the voice of a man my dad would have wept gallons to.

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    • dear friend, you move me deeply – what a marvelously tender memory you relate – I’m humbled to think I may have helped its recall – I, too, learned the power of music from my father who never failed to be visibly moved by it – every Sunday in our home was a day long experience of his records played on our Victrola – mostly opera – contemporary popular songs came to us from my mother who played piano

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      • They’re never entirely forgotten really, I imagine. But our sense have a way of recalling them sharply to us. For me, I think it is mainly music and scents. Totally transported in time with certain ones. Those are lovely memories to hold onto and to be reminded of however it should occur. Today I owe you thanks for that, Paul.

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