12 comments on “Regulator

  1. The minute I saw the picture of the clock I recognized it as a school room clock. Your images of time and the clock wrap around my mind and carry me back. The last seven lines make me wonder. Beautiful poetry.

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  2. At one point in my teaching career I seem to remember clocks not being allowed on the classroom walls lest the children spend all their time wondering when the day would be over! Doesn’t say too much for what they thought of the capacity of teachers to engage. :/ Now we do have them. The tickless, tockless variety that actually prove very useful in demonstrating the passage of time to young minds (and mine!) over the course of the day. Not that we clock watch at all, at all. 🙂

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      • We kind of embrace them and incorporate where we can into the learning/teaching. Saying that, for all the wonders that develop, drawiing/colouring and construction kits are hard to beat in popularity stakes among all the children and are ever useful in the scheme of teaching aspects of art and engineering! You can pretty much turn any game into a learning situation. Fun education I like to think. 🙂

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