27 comments on “Through a Glass Darkly

  1. Now, through a glass dark; then, face to face . . . Now, known in part; then, known fully even as we are fully known . . . Powerful existential questions for which there are no empirical answers, only absurd ones or faithful ones . . . You write as ‘jedermann’ . . .

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  2. yes,looking inside ourselves and seeing who we really are, if reflections within us are shattered or our spirits are broken what will become of us? It’s a great post , thank you.

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  3. I think this may have scared the bejaysus out of me! Apart from the thought-provoking nature of the poem, this feels feels like one of Roald Dahl’s ‘ Tales of the Unexpected’ or an episode from Twilight Zone. It would make a great short/story with your poem as a prologue to the piece. Shivering somewhat at where you could go with this even while reflecting on the nature of the truths. You said before, if I remember correctly, that you thought to venture into fiction, Paul. This, I believe, would be a great place to start if you haven’t already. It screams possibilities, even for a series, of the seen and unseen, the terrifying realities or a prescient ( previous poem!) look to possible worlds. I’d devour those stories. Yup, prologue to a book of glimpses sen through the mirror. But please don’t shatter it. The thought of being caught between two worlds or lost among fragments of glass is somehow terrifying although spine-chillingly readable. The man in the mirror – you give us food for thought, Paul.

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