11 comments on “Erewhon

  1. Too late, Too late . . . AI’s on the loose and we’re not intelligent enough to recognize it, much less to keep up with it . . . Who isn’t already a slave to some machine smarter than they are?

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  2. Hi Paul. This makes me think of the determination to create human like robots. There is a tv series in the UK about Synths robot able to think and act like us that you can’t tell them apart scary! From Fiction to Fact! Thank you for liking my poem The Waiting Room! (The Journey) I have actually written the play of the same title. Not so easy getting it accepted and published. Best Wishes. The Foureyed Poet.

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  3. ‘Simulacra’ – what a great and terrifying word in this context. ‘…Everywhere is nowhere babe, that’s where we’re at…’. Looking for the Silver Lining and wondering. I’m always incredulised by prescient literature nd more and more find myself marvelling at 1984. I must get a hold of Erewhon after this marvellous introduction, Paul. Another fine piece.

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