18 comments on “Butterfly Effect

  1. I’ve always wondered about the “butterfly effect” and how if you change one thing in your life, your destiny after that moment also changes. Power in the moment. Wonderful writing!

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  2. Question: does the ‘butterfly effect’ s in creation result in chaos or order or simple equilibrium? Or is that ‘effect’ itself providential or purely random leaving all things to chance . . .

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    • I respond as an amateur in these matters – in chaos theory, broadly, seemingly random unstable and unpredictable events are in fact behaving according to very specific and simple underlying rules within a complex system (for me, the orderly hand of God) – in butterfly effect, narrowly, unobservable and immeasureably small variations in the initial conditions of an event make predicting its outcome impossible, with attempts to predict often wrong by huge degrees

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  3. Beautiful writing. It got me thinking. I will look deeper into the butterfly effect. It is something I can make sense of. Every move even the small ones affect your future. If it not for yesterday my tomorrow will never exist nor be given it’s chance to be whatever it will.

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