62 comments on “Dear Readers

  1. A remarkable feat! You offer your readers a key to unlock the mysteries that confront us all but usually just overwhelm us. You invite us to look more carefully, listen more thoughtful, and speak more reasonably . . . And in the process you are incredibly affirming to those of who struggle in finding our own voice as fledgling poets . . . Thank you!

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  2. Paul, however much we may have given you is a grain of wheat in a wheat field. You have enriched our lives and blessed us beyond measure. May you continue to wrangle words for many years.

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      • Dear Paul, I’m retired and no longer fit for golf, jogging, etc. and therefore I have a lot of time to read. I read a lot. I’ started reading seriously in college >60 years ago. I’ve stumbled around trying blogging for four years ago. With a lot of help and encouragement from my sons and a blogging community, I’ve kind of hit my stride about Spring of this year. I made a home page: The Rogers Post and have been writing essays about whatever comes to mine. I’ve made some cyber friends and although it’s few compared to others, I have about a hundred Interesting people from several countries. Some of my photography friends let me use their work for my banners which is enriching. I have been experimenting with adding music. I don’t know if it is a distraction. Perhaps you might tell me what you think of that. I would love to add you to my little circle if it pleases you. Thank you, Charles Rogers

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