33 comments on “Ezra Pound – The Cantos

  1. A fascinating read . . . And here I was in my dotage about to buy a copy and see what I could make of it . . . Or not . . . John Calvin said, ‘The saints will persevere!’ and so now I have just cause for thinking of you as Saint Paul . . .

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  2. I felt this way after I struggled through “War and Peace” as a teen, but I was determined to brave the challenge. Thankfully, Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina saved my literary love for Russian literature.

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  3. I appreciate your strong felt opinion. 50 years putting a piece of work together should reflect the work in a positive light. I noticed a few mistakes after publishing on my kindle a few typos but mainly I was trying to make a good print edition I forgot to delete the page numbering which doesn’t work with the kindle. But I was able to correct. The more time put into work the better it should be. Good review.

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  4. You really nailed this one. It dawned on me when I was in college that because Pound was so indecipherable most English Professors felt he was some kind of genius, when in fact he couldn’t communicate with any real meaningful quality to anyone. Nonsense is still nonsense no matter how many professors grant it the opposite. I rebelled. I refused to read it akin to my refusal to grant the communist manifesto any humanistic dignity when it was forced upon me by those with a claim to higher education.

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