23 comments on “Refugees

  1. A poem that proves those from either side of political opinion; from believers to atheists are, if their respective hearts are in the right place as one when it comes to compassion…a bravo moment is due I believe.

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  2. As one who came to America with my parents as German refugees I appreciate the spirit and sympathy of your poem. One needn’t look very far down the family tree to realize we are all immigrants in this land . . .

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  3. In the Islamic intolerant world
    life goes on with the daily routine of the sun
    Suicide bombing , maiming and killing of the innocent lives a game of the week .
    Nothing is wrong .
    All is done in the name of Alah .
    But does Alah allow the brutal merciless killings in His name?
    Surely man have got more answers than God the almighty here.

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  4. The verbiage is crafted with the skill of a surgeon, yet having the pathos of a moving dirge. A beautiful poem, very meaningful in a an insane world of that’s caught up in an unrestrained violence. May its sanity leave the scar of healing for wounded souls. Anand Bose From Kerala.

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