33 comments on “Death on a Beach

  1. The orphans haunt my dreams. I dreamt I was saivng two of them, taking them into my home but was besieged on all sides by ill wishers. You broke my dream as I read this. I’m far too old to care for the young ones, but they are in my heart. My dream told me that. God Bless.

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  2. It’s an analogy of the human mind also in your words and the painting, I think. The subconscious ego in so many of us can be harsh, cold and uncaring about the beauty of every life, just concerned with self and the waves it can make. Thank you.

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  3. A symbol of the countless thousands who have been disenfranchised by one of the world’s greatest evils. Europe will not contain the ground swell. The tide is rising too fast and the evil is becoming more potent by the day unchecked as it is by this world’s justice.

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  4. Your piece is very touching and can be applied to other situations where people or innocent animals suffer the same disregard. What a tragedy you write of; your words move me so. The photography you choose for your writings are awesome. Whenever I read something of yours I am inspired to write. Beautiful and my utmost empathies about the loss you so eloquently write of. Sierra

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