8 comments on “Opioids

  1. Yes, I too know the anguish of choosing between pain/presence and opiate/absence . . . Some days the one wins, some days the other . . . I also agree: the creativity of the one trumps the somnambulance of the other . . . Blessings!

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  2. So much emotions in this one. Brilliantly written, of course – as always.
    We, writers, authors, poets & artist are a kind finding that sometimes our “pain” is the strength to our creativity. Cannot imagine living without it either. 😛

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  3. There much truth is these few, well constructed lines. Pain, or at least some pain anyway, seems to go hand-in-hand with creativity. “Write drunk, edit sober,” said Hemingway (I found out long ago that wasn’t the way for me to go, but still).
    Another great piece of work here.

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